This is a fantasy book written by J.K. Rowling, full of magic and surprises.


This story is about a boy named Harry who lives with the Dursleys – his aunt, uncle and his cousin, Dudley after his parents died in a car crush. His only family is treating him very badly and he hates living with them.

Harry knows that he is not just an ordinary boy. Strange things happen when he is under the control of strong emotions, things that cannot be explained.

One day he gets a letter from ” Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” in which it is explained that he is a wizard.  Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia think that its just a joke, but when the letters keep coming day by day and so many of them keep coming that there is no space in the house, uncle Vernon has had enough and he makes the family move out. They sleep in hotels but the letters somehow always find them. One evening, on Harry’s birthday the Dursleys along with him spend the night in a hut. Around midnight a tall man, Hagrid takes Harry away from his awful family and to Hogwarts.

Harry starts learning magic and he also realizes that he is very famous among wizards. Additionally he finds out how his parents actually died and where he got the scar in the shape of a lightning on his forehead from.

He knows that Lord Voldemort ( one of the best and most evil wizads ) wants to kill him, too. Everybody knows that there is Voldemort’s servant at school and he is pretending to be on the good side.

In my opinion this book is amazing and anybody who likes a bit of crazy adventure should read it.


Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling
fantasy, adventure

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