Tiger’s Curse a very touching romance, fantasy story between Kelsey and two cursed human/tigers.This book shows that true love survives anything.

When Kelsey starts working in a circus, her life changes irreversibly. As she starts her work there, she realizes that the white tiger that she is taking care of isn’t what he seems to be. Actually, nothing is what it seems to be. Though out all 4 parts of that amazing series- the chosen one-Kelsey along with the two tigers have to find four items to take the curse down so that Ren and Kishan can be fully human again forever. They have to sacrifice many things and risk their lives to reach the goal. Taking off the curse is actually just a reward for doing a job for an Indian goddess – Durga. She turns out not to be just a legend.They meet her multiple times during their adventures.

I think that this book is one of the best ones that i have ever read. I recommend it to everybody that likes to read a good romance book

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