This story is about a pilot who is interested in a Eboa Constrictor. When he was little, he attempted to draw it but many adults didn’t have the same point of view so he decided he was to never draw and he grew up and become a pilot.

One day, he crashed his plane in the middle of Sahara Desert. While he was trying to repair his plane, Little Prince came to him and asked him to draw a sheep. The pilot soon founds out that he is from a different planet called B-612 where he left his volcano and rose behind that needs to be taken care of. He visited six more planets before he came to Earth and he explained everything happened to him since he came to Earth.

When Little Prince arrived on Earth, he has spoken to a fox who has taught him that in order to know something or someone, you must tame them.The boy meets the snake, who talks in riddles, and he understands the creature’s power to send him back where he came from quickly.

The little prince and the pilot are now both dying from thirst. In search of water, they walk through the starry night.  The pilot carries his little friend, not knowing whether they are even headed in the right direction. At dawn, when it is almost too late to save their lives, they find a deep, old well. The stars shimmer on the surface of the water. They drink, and the water tastes unusually sweey.

The next day, on the one-year anniversary of the little prince’s arrival on Earth, the pilot comes to the same spot where he met the boy. There he glimpses the yellow flash of the snake as it bites the ankle of his little friend, and the boy falls quietly and gently onto the sand. Later, the little prince’s body is nowhere to be found. The pilot finally fixes his engine and leaves for home, hoping that his friend is safely back at his home, too.

In my opinion, this a a great book for fantasy lovers. I loved it and really recommend it to any ages.




The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Reynal, Hitchcock & Gallimard
April 1943

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