The book is about an orphan girl named Sophie who can’t fall asleep one night. She sees a strange sight in the street. A giant is walking on a street carrying suitcase which looks like a trumpet. Then he sees Sophie. He takes her and runs incredibly fast.

When he stopped, they were in an cave and when Sophie saw the giant she was frightened that he will eat her. But it turns out that he is not the giant that eats humans. He collects humans and their dreams and he gives humans that he collect to the other giants to eat. He explains her everything such as what he does with the dreams and what he eats and much more.

She wanted to help all the the humans who are getting eaten by the cruel monsters. She told the BFG that she can save all the humans and not let the other giants eat the humans anymore.

She told the BFG that she can get help with the queen of England. The BFG agreed with her opinion




Roald Dahl
humor, fairy tales, fiction
Penguin Group

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