Gone is a mystery, adventurous and fantasy book. Its full of breathtaking moments and magical forces.

Adults start disappearing. The only people left in the city are teenagers and kids below 16 years old. Others literally vanish on everybody’s eyes. To make the situation even more awkward, there is a wall around the city. Its no ordinary wall though, anybody who touches it- feels awful pain.

All the teenagers left have to grow up, become more mature and work altogether to survive. The only food they have is the one inside the area. Soon it gets even worse. There is something in the old mine. Something powerful, strong, evil…it takes control over human bodies. But that’s not even the bad part, there are other crazy things going on. Things that should never have taken place. Some teenagers have magical forces- some run faster than a bullet, some control objects with their minds and many more. Each has a different super power, some have none- than they are just ordinary humans. But humans are not the only ones with all that power, animals too. There are warms that are half a meter long and break into the human body- eating it from the inside. There are many more of those either.

Like if the situation wasn’t bad enough- Sam- a calm teenage boy realizes that he has a brother- Cane. His mother decided to keep Sam and give away the second one for adoption when they were newborns. They hate each other from the first time that they meet after all these years. The happen  to be the two most powerful “gifted” people in the area. They fight over who should rule. Cane helps that evil force from outer space and Sam is trying to stop it.

Everybody is doing everything to survive and take that wall down- but nothing helps. Plus- Diana is pregnant with Cane. She has hallucinations in which her unborn child is a monster, evil thing that works for the mysterious force.

Now there is Lana- she has a special power too and that thing in the old mine uses her- it posses her body to speak and move. Lana tries to kill herself to save the others- but she does make it out alive- the force doesn’t let her die. When Lana meets it face to face she realizes that the force that likes to be called “Gaia” reads peoples minds and is radioactive.

Will everybody make it out alive? Will they escape? Read it for yourself.

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